Welcome to S9 Studio

We offer professional audio mastering/mixing and video editing services at affordable prices. The entire process is done online, making work on your project much quicker and easier. Our competitive prices make professional quality mastering accessible to independent artists and labels from all around the world.

About Us

Sister 9 Recordings is an active record label from Manchester, UK. Our roots trace way back to 2004, when we put out our first vinyl release and launched our audio/visual services to independent artists. Since then, we’ve grown as a label, having worked with some incredible bands, producers and industry professionals over the years.

What We Do

In addition to Online Audio Mastering and Audio Mixing, we also offer Video Editing Services. Check out our YouTube Channel to see some of our video output:


We also provide other audio services in addition to Mastering/Mixing, including:

• Restoring Old Recordings
• Enhanced Audio CD Masters
• Embedding ISRC Codes
• Detailed Transitions/Fades/Cuts etc
• Adding Analogue Warmth to Audio
• Preparing masters for Vinyl Production

Free to contact us regarding any audio or visual-related request.

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