Audio Services

We offer professional Audio Mastering and Mixing at affordable rates.


Audio Mastering is the final creative process used to help your recordings reach their full potential. The mastering engineer provides fresh and experienced ears to listen to your project in a highly accurate listening environment. After a careful and unbiased appraisal of your tracks, he determines how to improve the impact of your music and gives your project the finishing touches necessary to achieve the sound you are aiming for.


At S9 Studio, we listen critically to each track to assess its specific needs. There is no predefined approach to the mastering process as every song has a unique personality. The mastering engineer brings fresh and objective ears to your project and works to bring forth and intensify the essence of the music while maintaining your original vision. The mastered tracks will have a greater sense of depth, presence, and power and will provide a more engaging and pleasurable listening experience.


Audio Mixing is the combination of all of the recorded sounds/stems of your track, professionally mixed together by an Audio Engineer. The Audio Mixing process creates one balanced and unified song that would then be ready for the Mastering process.

A mixdown is basically the combination of recorded audio tracks undergoing a process to create one final stereo mix. The process includes the adjustment of each track’s position in the stereo field, the frequency output and dynamics of all sounds using EQ and Compression, as well as the application of effects such as reverb, which gives the audience an enhanced and more pleasurable listening experience.

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